Here are the tires that fit your search.

Here are the tires that fit your search.

Here are the tires that fit your search.

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    Firestone DESTINATION LE-02 Pick-Up

    FirestoneDESTINATION LE-02 Pick-Up


    Smooth for all usage

    • Durable tire construction
    • Smooth ride
    • Wear resistance
    • Longer wear life
    Firestone DESTINATION LE-02

    FirestoneDESTINATION LE-02


    The successor to the popular Destination LE-01, the Destination LE-02 features improved handling and braking in the dry plus longer wear life.

    • Improved dry handling and dry braking
    • Longer wear life
    • Resistance against irregular wear
    • Decreased pattern noise
    • Lower rolling resistance for good fuel efficiency
    Firestone F-01 FUEL FIGHTER

    FirestoneF-01 FUEL FIGHTER


    The progressive compound reduces the energy required to roll the tyre without compromising on braking distance and performance.

    • Great ride comfort and manoeuvrability.
    • Reduced irregular wear and pattern noise.
    • Improved traction in wet conditions.
    Firestone FIREHAWK SPORT 01

    FirestoneFIREHAWK SPORT 01


    Firehawk Sport 01 is designed for everyday sporty driving with aggressive pattern with semi-sleek look to bring out the stylish look of your car.

    • Aggressive asymmetric pattern
    • Direct handing and strong grip
    • Safety in wet and dry conditions
    Firestone CV9000



    A great durability for every journey

    • Suitable for both Van and Pick-up
    • Durable tire construction
    • Good wet gripping
    Firestone DESTINATION A/T

    FirestoneDESTINATION A/T


    The Firestone Destination A/T is an all terrain tyre for SUVs and light trucks.

    • On and off road traction
    • Great handling precision and steering response
    • Optimised for premium comfort and safety
    • Excellent handling and braking in wet and dry conditions
    • Reduced irregular wear and longer life
    • Reduced road noise
    Firestone BRAVO



    Durability and a smooth ride

    • Suitable for usage in Thailand road condition
    • Can handle a large amount of cargo
    • Tough, Durable, and good grip
    • Excellent Stability