The ultimate dream of every Thai national team athlete is having the opportunity to grab an Olympic and Paralympic medal. To prove the dream, to prove themselves and to give pride to Thai people. Bridgestone believes in Thai national team athlete, we support every Thai people to chase their dreams.


I have a dream that much bigger than just doing sport for fun or good health. Sport gives me discipline, responsibility, as well as, concentration during the games. This helps me to get closer to my dream to get the medal at the Olympic Game.


My dream to serve my country wouldn’t end just simply by shifting the course. I’ve dedicated my life for the training, pass through all the obstacles, and will never give up until conquest the dream. I promise that I’ll try my best to be the greatest national Paralympian athlete for the 2020 Paralympic Game.


A while ago, my dream was to make my family happy. Today, I have a much bigger dream. I’ve a chance to be a part of our national Paralympic team to make both my family and my nation proud. Once, I got a chance, I have to do my best. I believe that if I can do it, anyone can.