Firestone Firestone DESTINATION A/T

FIRESTONE Front - Rear - 245/70R16 111S XL

The Firestone Destination A/T is an all terrain tire for SUVs and light trucks. From main roads to rugged tracks, it offers excellent grip, stability and ride comfort in wet and dry conditions.

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Performance Information

Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone and Firestone family of products. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.


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Code Tire Size Appr. Rim Width Service Description Overall Tire Diameter Tread Depth Revs KM
225/75R16 115R 0.0 115R 744.0 0.0 0
235/75R15 109S XL 0.0 109S 738.0 0.0 0
245/70R16 111S XL 0.0 111S 750.0 0.0 0
265/65R17 112T 0.0 112T 776.0 0.0 0
265/70R16 112S 0.0 112S 778.0 0.0 0
265/75R16 116S 0.0 116S 804.0 0.0 0
275/65R17 115S 0.0 115S 790.0 0.0 0
31x10.50R15 109S 0.0 109S 775.0 0.0 0

The Firestone Destination A/T is an all terrain tyre for SUVs and light trucks.

  • On and off road traction
  • Great handling precision and steering response
  • Optimised for premium comfort and safety
  • Excellent handling and braking in wet and dry conditions
  • Reduced irregular wear and longer life
  • Reduced road noise

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