Here are the tires that fit your search.

Here are the tires that fit your search.

Here are the tires that fit your search.

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    Dueler D693



    Designed to meet the demands of high performance 4x4s

    • Comfortable, quiet ride on the road
    • Exceptional puncture resistance
    • Excellent load carrying capacity
    • Longer wear life
    Dueler H/T 840

    DuelerH/T 840


    It delivers superior dry and wet road performance without sacrificing ride comfort

    • Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
    • Low road noise for a more comfortable ride
    Dueler H/T 689

    DuelerH/T 689


    The tire’s rounded casing profile delivers an extremely smooth ride with low tire noise – making for an ultimately comfortable drive.

    • Excellent braking performance
    • Low noise for quieter, more comfortable ride
    • Exceptional handling in hazardous, wet conditions
    Dueler H/T 684

    DuelerH/T 684


    It is fitted as original equipment on a range of recreational vehicles, including Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V and Suzuki Vitara.

    • Reduced road noise for a smooth and comfortable drive
    • Exceptional stability and steering response in wet and dry conditions
    • Excellent braking performance
    • Sedan like comfort on the open road
    Dueler M/T 674

    DuelerM/T 674


    Incorporating revolutionary 3D technology to offer superior durability and off road performance, it provides maximum traction and control.

    • Maximum mud traction and grip
    • Outstanding off road stability in all conditions
    • Improved tread wear balance for increased wear life
    • Excellent braking performance
    • Improved durability and wear resistance
    • Tough aggressive design
    Dueler All Terrain 697

    DuelerAll Terrain 697


    The ultimate 4WD all terrain tire

    • Longer wear life on and off road
    • Tougher construction for superior puncture resistance
    • Quiet, comfortable ride on any terrain