The Need to Fulfil Excitement
Only when we are truly passionate, can we rally forward with purpose, drive, and determination. Excitement fuels energy, it drives excellence, and it creates desire. At Bridgestone, we are immersed in motorsports, committed to arouse the senses and to constantly notch up an innovative gear in the pursuit of finesse – while keeping a pulse on sustainable solutions.

60 Years in Motorsports, Racing Pulses Forever
We have always been delivering motorsport culture for all kinds of races from the Indy 500, and MotoGP to Super GT and F1, constantly generating a spectacular combination of superb technology and euphoria on the greatest stage – as our 69-time Firestone victories in Indy 500 attest to. This is more than double all tire manufacturers. Our commitment to Motorsports has left an indelible mark – and we are not done yet.

A Spirit of Achievement, a Promising Route Ahead
to the F1, with our logos emblazoned on tires screeching around courses all over the world. Podium finishes, with legendary names like Schumacher, Hamilton, Button, Kobayashi, and Vettel* behind the wheel, showcase how we have converted passion into glorious victories, turned dreams into realities. Today, as we steer towards sustainable and endurance-type motorsports, such as the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race, we will still be pushing the limits of tire performance, and enthralling audiences worldwide.