Bridgestone Thailand proudly introduces 4 Thai para athletes (Team Bridgestone Thailand) who are going to chase their dreams at "Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games" during August 24 - September 5, 2021, also the employees of Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd.



“Every endeavors…always be meaningful...”​
James Worawut Sangampa​
Thai boccia para-athlete,​
No. 1 World Rank​

“ I used to be a school athlete. I had opportunities and qualified to compete in international competitions as a Thai national athlete. I have trained and competed to collect the score and now I have another chance to compete in Paralympic Games. I never put pressure on myself as doing my best in every race is already adequately meaningful. Thank you, Bridgestone to be apart of my journey. I will concentrate on training and win the gold medal back to Thailand. ”

“Every push is a great power…”​
Beam Chaiwat Rattana​
Thai wheelchair para-athlete,
the 4th World Rank​

“ I worked at The Red Cross of Sa Kaeo around 1 year before the Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of Thailand asked me to start training as a wheelchair racer. It changed my life since then. I’m so happy because Bridgestone sees value in sport and has given me a chance to chase my dream. I will keep practicing hardly for the success. Now I’m ready to compete in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. ”​


“Every dream has its goal as a driving force...” ​
Sorn Anuson Chaichamnan​
Thai shooting para-athlete​

“ I am a soldier and used to be an athlete before being injured by an explosion from the Thailand's Southern Insurgency. After fully recovered, I had an opportunity to join San-Fan Hero Project and become a part of Bridgestone which giving me more opportunities and support for my training and achieving my dream. I'll focus on my training and do my best to serve the country as a Thai national para-athlete. “​


“Every opportunity is a next step to reach my dream.”​
Jane Janejira Panyatib
Thai athletics para-athlete​

“ Getting the opportunity to be a representative of Thailand to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games is like a dream comes true. I’m very happy. I will train hardly for my dream, my goal, my family and the country. Thank you, Bridgestone for supporting, encouraging and giving me an opportunity to be a part of Bridgestone, I will do our best to serve the country in this game. ”​