Bridgestone Launches the Test of a New Tire, “POTENZA Adrenalin RE004”

Get to Know the Exciting Road Grip Performance Defined by The Definition of "Make Every Curve Become Yours"

Bridgestone Launches the Test of a New Tire, “POTENZA Adrenalin RE004”

Get to Know the Exciting Road Grip Performance Defined by The Definition of "Make Every Curve Become Yours"


[Bangkok] (September 10, 2020) - Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Shin Nakamichi, Director of Marketing and Strategy, invited the media to test the performance of the new tire, "POTENZA Adrenalin RE004", the most innovative tire, the next level of sporty driving to deliver a thrilling driving experience, reinforcing confidence in road grip performance according to the concept of “Make Every Curve Become Yours” at the Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground, Wang Noi District, Ayutthaya Province.

The Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground is a venue that has been recognized as a modern, efficient and perfect circuit in the world, built for testing the performance of tires on a wide variety of surfaces. There are up to 10 test stations which simulate all road surfaces in Thailand in order to obtain complete test results to prove efficiency and optimal safety.

"To invite media to test the latest model of POTENZA tires is to emphasize the performance that we, Bridgestone's engineering team, have innovated "POTENZA Adrenalin RE004" which has been researched and developed with cutting-edge technology. The research has been monitored and the rubber market study has also been conducted in order to improve the tire that meets the needs and behaviors of car users. We focus on safety as our priority. This is a step towards a business model transformation from a distributor of tires to become the leader in sustainable mobility while delivering the most advanced solutions to consumers”, said Mr. Shin Nakamichi, Director of Marketing and Strategy, Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

This test compared the performance of the existing "POTENZA Adrenalin RE003" and "POTENZA Adrenalin RE004", including;

·      Gymkhana Test Station: To compare steering responses, vehicle stability while cornering and turning at proximate distances

·      Wet Brake Test Station: To test the water drainage efficiency and grip on wet roads in an emergency (at a speed of 80 km / h)

·      Wet Handling Performance Test Station: To test the grip performance of the tires and car control using the maximum speed limit that the tires can tolerate (Grip limit (average speed of 65-70 km / h)). This can be observed from the ability to control the car in the lane, understeering or oversteering as well as the response of steering wheel, swerve degrees and weight of steering wheel.

In addition, a test on the lane change performance of RE004, response and steering controls, rolling, including noise and smoothness while driving, was also conducted from the development of rubber and rubber structure in various scenarios as follows:

·      Long Lane change test station at the speed of 110-120 km / h

·      Cornering test station at the speed of 100 km / h

·      Quick lane change test station (Quick L / C) at a speed of 100 km / h

·      Slalom driving test station at a speed of 100 km / h

·      High speed lane change test station (High speed) at a speed of 140-150 km/h  

·      Noise and Noise & Comfort test Station to compare the level of noise caused by tire pattern at a speed of 100 km / h and to test the vibration at a speed of 80 km / h

POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 is the tire that has been the successor to the popular product, POTENZA Adrenalin RE003, that has been researched and developed continually to produce sports tires that meet consumers’ needs. It was designed to control responsiveness and cornering, giving the car precise traction and steering responses, providing exciting driving mobility for speed lovers who live in the city.

With outstanding feature such as Triple & Half Grooves, it improves water drainage efficiency and prevents water slippery including the distribution of pressure on the contact surface between the tire and the road. This allows you to confidently control the car on both dry and wet roads. Wide Inside Rib increases the contact area between the tire and the road surface, increasing the efficiency of grip and resulting in sharp cornering with A” Shape & Aggressive Groove, unique to Adrenalin DNA. Sleek and modern design also enhances the strength of the tread block and reduces the twist of the tire while driving. This helps POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 tires respond to the steering wheel quickly and precisely.

Mr. Apichai Sakultancharoenchai, owner of Por. Thanapat 2013, added about POTENZA Adrenalin RE004, “Since the tire launch, the cutomers’ feedback have been very good. The shop has continued to keep ordering more products to support the high demand of customers. Moreover, the performance of RE004 is admitted that it has evolved to be able to have sharper cornering and better control which make you more confident in safety".

For more product details, please visit and contact customer relations at 02-636-1555 or via YouTube Channel: Bridgestone Thailand.


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