Bridgestone Provides Tires for Thai Smile Bus’s Electric Buses Enhancing a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Society in Thailand

Mr. Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Commercial Solutions Group Director of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (middle) with Staff of Thai Smile Bus Co., Ltd.

[Bangkok] (June 22, 2023) – Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is committed to providing support for BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA R156, eco-friendly tire innovation to ensure safety performance and provide full-efficiency operation to Thai Smile Bus Co., Ltd. by equipping BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA R156 with 100% electric buses, which will be available to service public across Bangkok and its vicinity in respond with the concept of Thai Smile Bus Co., Ltd. “Thai Smile Bus Our Love Will Change The World” by changing from NGV bus to fully electric bus as a way to push forward Thai public transport development policy to provide superior quality, convenience, speed, safety and more environmentally friendly. This also emphasizes Bridgestone’s commitment to enhancing mobility society and stepping into a new era of transportation for a sustainable electric vehicle society contributing to the well-being of Thai people and a better environment for all.

BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA R156 is the innovative truck and bus radial tire. It is armed with technology that helps deliver long-lasting wear life and makes resistance to irregular wear. The tire also provides full-efficiency operation while saving fuel. The carcass is designed to increase the retreadability, which helps save costs. Thanks to ECOPIA Compound, which helps reduce rolling resistance, assures excellent driving performance and safety while protecting the environment, and meets the needs of Thai Smile Bus.

The Electric Buses of Thai Smile Bus Equipped with BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA R156 with the Symbols, Providing Service to the Public across Bangkok and its Vicinity.

Mr. Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Commercial Solutions Group Director of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “It is a great opportunity for Bridgestone to contribute to the well-being of Thai people and a better environment for all with Thai Smile Bus. Bridgestone is committed to developing innovative tires to ensure safe performance and provide full- efficiency operation while considering the environmental impact. We also support electric buses in public transportation and drive the country towards carbon neutrality. You can notice the electric buses equipped with BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA R156 with the symbols, providing service to the public across Bangkok and its vicinity. “

The initiative is in line with “Bridgestone E8 Commitment” *1, “Extension: by partnering with our business partner to develop innovative tires for electric buses.”, “Ecology: by developing our products, services and solutions that help to improve electric buses’ fuel efficiency and save costs while considering the environmental impact.”, “Ease: by providing our products that ensure a pleasant, comfortable, and safe journey experience for Thai society.” And “Empowerment: by collaborating with our business partner to promote a sustainable mobility society through the electric buses.”

The Electric Buses of Thai Smile Bus Equipped with BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA R156 Service Public

*1 The Bridgestone Group established its corporate commitment, the "Bridgestone E8 Commitment," to help it realize its vision: "Toward 2050, Bridgestone continues to provide social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company." This commitment will serve as the Group's axis to drive management while earning the trust of future generations. The "Bridgestone E8 Commitment" consists of eight uniquely Bridgestone values starting with the letter "E" (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, and Empowerment) that the Group will commit to creating through distinctly Bridgestone purposes and processes, together with employees, society, partners, and customers to help realize a sustainable society.

About Bridgestone in Thailand

Headquartered in Tokyo, Bridgestone Corporation is a global leader providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions. In Thailand, Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd. (TBSC) is a leading manufacturer in the Thai automotive industry, while Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (BSTL) is the exclusive importer & distributor, and supervises the marketing strategy for Bridgestone, Firestone and Dayton branded tires in Thailand. Bridgestone is a brand trusted by its customers, dealers and business partners. It offers an extensive range of quality tires, carefully developed to suit local conditions and to deliver social value and customer value. Bridgestone is dedicated to shaping a sustainable future of mobility and improving the way people move, live, work and play.



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