Basic Tire Function

Four functions of tires keep drivers safe and comfortable

Four functions of tires keep drivers safe and comfortable


1.     To support a vehicles weight

One car weight about 1.6 tons are equivalent to 32 adults. The air inside a tire carries the whole weight of the vehicle

2.     To absorb shock from the road surface

Tires constantly flex up and down, changing shape, and work with the vehicle’s suspension to absorb shock

3.     To change/maintain direction

Front wheel will swirling when rotate the steering wheel. Thus allowing the car to move in the desired direction

4.     To transmit accelerating and braking force to the ground

Tire is intermediary the transmtion of driving power and stop the car to the road surface. To make the car can move or braking 


The amazing thing is that all this happens on a contact patch that’s about the size of the palm of your hand. That’s right, when you’re driving there’s only the equivalent of one handprint of tread connecting each of your tires to the road. Consider that you and your family’s lives are all literally riding on that single palm print.