Transition to Renewable Energy

Investing in renewable energy sources like solar energy, in our path to mitigate resource depletion.

At Bridgestone, we recognise the need for preservation, as continued extraction of Earth’s limited resources has stark consequences on climate change and global warming.

Going beyond fossil fuel reliance, Bridgestone sees immense potential in harnessing Earth’s largest infinite source of energy – the sun. The solar energy investment is immense, but with Bridgestone’s determination to travel the path of resource preservation, it is a journey we are firmly aligned with.

Our range of solar projects in the region and beyond underscores our commitment to sustainability, with Bridgestone maintaining high scores in Environmental and Social Governance areas and benchmarks of the global FTSE4Good Index Series.

Although the automotive industry is perceived to be one of the biggest users of limited natural resources, Bridgestone practises the converse, believing in a circular economy which looks to clean alternatives such as biomass fuel, hydrogen, ammonia, and of course, solar. Together with car manufacturers, we aim to optimise renewables to minimise our carbon footprint.