Saving man-hour costs and vehicle downtime with predictive technology.

Whether operating a single vehicle or an entire fleet, cost efficiency is important to optimise business profitability. TIREMATICS data tracks tire pressure and temperature to ensure optimum operation levels for tires.

Properly-diagnosed tires, for example, not only enhance safety and fuel efficiency, they also extend tire life. With predictive maintenance there is a reduction in tire inspection and maintenance workloads, cutting back on downtime traditionally associated with manual tire inspections and saving considerable man-hours. All these have significant cost implications, both for drivers and fleet operators.

Through regular tire monitoring too, tires can be sent to retread when they reach the optimal tread depth – maximising the retread tire life and optimising the economic value of all tires.

Finally, with easy access to tire data, Bridgestone is able to use the data collected as a basis for research to develop even better quality subsequent models at optimal cost.