Tire sensing technology for predictive maintenance, improving fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions.

With global warming a hot button issue today, ensuring optimisation of fuel consumption to reduce carbon emissions has become a pressing issue for the mobility industry.

When tires are checked to be in optimal condition, fuel consumption is optimised. Tirematics, our tire sensor technology offers a digital solution that is able to track the parameters of temperature and pressure through the use of external digital sensors, gateways and cloud.

Such predictive maintenance not only saves manual tire inspection and related costs for fleet operators, it also ensures that any tire anomaly is quickly detected and rectified. Systematic monitoring inevitably prolongs tire life, and together with the option of retreading, delays the need for tire replacement. Carbon footprint is reduced in the process.

Regular monitoring also ensures data on tires is seamlessly available to fleet operators, thereby delaying its replacement and reducing energy costs related to new tire production.

Ultimately, Tirematics enables a safer and smarter transportation fleet with critical tire data on the go.