Bridgestone Announces the Success of “Bridgestone Group A Track Day”, the Only Special Event Gathering Legendary Racing Car Enthusiasts from the 70-90s

Bridgestone Announces the Success of “Bridgestone Group A Track Day”,
the Only Special Event Gathering Legendary Racing Car Enthusiasts from the 70-90s

[Bangkok] (November 24, 2022) – Bridgestone announced the success of its “Bridgestone Group A Track Day”, a gathering of car lovers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s at Kaeng Krachan Circuit, Phetchaburi province, on November 12, 2022. It was the only special event that presented a perfect combination of all fun flavors, while a wide variety of favorite cars showcased their speeds during the racing track. The spirits of the racers were awoken, along with many activities throughout the event. All participants were thrilled by experiencing the legendary customized car parade that was not easy to spot, as more than 100 interested people brought cars to join the event.

Mr. Keiji Chuma, Managing Director of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated,“On behalf of Bridgestone, I would like to express my gratitude to Grand Prix Group forco-hosting the “Bridgestone Group A Track Day”, a great gathering for the legendary race car lovers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as an opportunity to experience the excitement of all the fun without limits. The event displays the performance of the cars and Bridgestone tires for drivers. It is also a good opportunity for members of several auto clubs to meet, talk and enjoy good activities at the event organized under the “Bridgestone E8 Commitment”, "Emotion”: Committed to inspiring excitement and spreading joy to the world of mobility through the challenging activity and a thrilling driving experience. And all of these are the origin of the “Bridgestone Group A Track Day” that will fulfill everyone’s experience with the fun and confidence in driving with Bridgestone tires.”

The “Bridgestone Group A Track Day” event was organized for the first time in Thailand. It was a great gathering of car lovers nationwide. All the car owners joined the event with love, from race cars, customized cars with various styles, and the legendary and rare cars from 1970-1999. Therefore, the event was packed with all fun activities and challenges, including the main activity, "Track Day" for drivers who wanted to test their cars’ performance on the racing track. The "Car Show" displayed beautiful cars from across the country while the participating members of "Car Club Groups" came to fulfill the fun of talking and exchanging knowledge. And there was also a team to advise about Bridgestone tires in the booth. Furthermore, participants enjoyed various activities while having a chance to win prizes back home.

For example, challenging the "Racing Simulator", a racing game, made players feel like they could experience the performance of Bridgestone tires on the real racing track. The Bridgestone POTENZA Sport tires were displayed at the event as the premium and high-end sports tires specifically developed for the Lamborghini Huracán STO super sports car and other premium sports cars under the slogan “Better Never Settles”. That included Bridgestone POTENZA Adrenalin RE004, the ideal tires for those who love driving with a sporty style as they apply an asymmetric tread design for enhanced steering response and cornering stability and an internal crown structure that distributes footprint pressure evenly when cornering. There was also a welcome activity for the "Cockpit Young Gen" team and a special round for testing the superior sports performance of these tires to open the thrilling experience on the track. That included an exclusive activity offering discounts for changing Bridgestone tires at Cockpit for lucky winner at the event.

Best values for participants, there was a wide range of promotions for the end of the year from "Cockpit", One Stop Auto Care Center with more than 270 branches nationwide. Participants also enjoyed a troop of "Food Trucks", the most delicious food and drinks from the best local restaurants in Phetchaburi province. This helped generate income for local shops and "Flea Markets", where vendors sold collectibles, car models, decorations, and many more items. And farewell with a parade of legendary racing cars that only took place almost once in a fantastic lifetime. It emphasized Bridgestone’s leadership in tire innovation to proudly support the Thai motorsport industry.

Activities in Bridgestone’s Booth

Activities in Bridgestone Group A Track Day Event

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