What is Super GT?

SUPER GT is Japan’s annual premier touring car race featuring retrofitted, high-performance GT cars. Founded in 1994 as the All-Japan GT Championship, the international automobile race series has since evolved into a closely-followed race with high stakes and attendance numbers. This is not just a battle of cars. This is an intense tyre competition amongst Bridgestone and 3 other key manufacturers, participating in the GT500 and GT300 classes. Tyres are a crucial factor that determine driver-duo teams’ performance at race time. In this season, Bridgestone will supply tyres for 12 out of 15 cars in the GT500 class and 4 cars in the GT300 class. Two drivers take turns per team, and per race. The driver-duo with the most points across the season are crowned champions.

Bridgestone Motorsport - SUPER GT
Bridgestone Motorsport - SUPER GT

Bridgestone & Super GT

Since the All Japan GT Championship, the predecessor of SUPER GT, began in 1994, Bridgestone has supported the GT500 class champion for 17 consecutive years. Bridgestone-equipped teams have won the series for eight consecutive years from 2016 to 2023. With its technology and extensive experience from the grassroot to the world's highest level, F1, Bridgestone is thrilled for another action-packed adventure in Super GT 2024.

About GT500

SUPER GT is split into two classes based on horsepower: GT500 and GT300. While both vehicle types make for an exciting show, GT500 cars boast superior horsepower—and this year, the shiny new Honda Civic Type R GT5 will join the ranks.

About GT300

GT300 is divided further into two standard-compliant vehicle types, FIA GT3 and GT300.. Unlike formula racing, GT500 and GT300 races take place simultaneously so you can root for your favorites in a buzzing, casual atmosphere.

Rules of success

In true SUPER GT spirit, all supercars are subject to the success weight system, where a weight handicap is added to cars with superior speed. For GT500 cars, that means fuel flow is restricted using success weights of up to 50kg. GT300 cars have it easier: no fuel flow restrictions apply, but a maximum weight of 100kg can be imposed.