5 Key Points to Consider When Utilizing Compact Spare Tires

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5 Key Points to Consider When Utilizing Compact Spare Tires

Spare tires are essential components that should be kept in your car to ensure safe and worry-free journeys. But why are they so important? Why should you always have them readily available, and how do you use them? How much should you inflate the spare tire? It can be challenging. Let's learn more about these crucial aids for car drivers and enhance our understanding of their significance.

Spare Tires

What is a Spare tire? 

Spare tires, also known as emergency tires, are essential items that assist drivers during unexpected emergencies, equipping them to handle unforeseen problems. Even when driving  short distances, unforeseen situations can always arise. In the event of tire leaks, bursts, or flats, small spare tires provide drivers with a quick solution to resolve the situation promptly. This method proves highly advantageous in managing problems and ensuring the safety of both oneself and fellow passengers.

What is a compact spare tire, and why is it smaller than a standard tire? There is often a frequently asked question about why a compact spare tire is smaller than the regular tire. The primary reason is to reduce the weight of the vehicle, enhance fuel, and optimize the available space in the rear of the car. It is always recommended to have a compact spare tire on hand. They are designed to be as convenient as possible for the driver.

The main purpose of these compact spare tires is to serve as a temporary solution during emergencies while driving. Their smaller size is intentional, as they are not intended for long-distance travel at high speeds but rather as a temporary aid to reach the nearest service center. Therefore, whether using BRIDGESTONE tires or any other brand, these compact spares should only be used temporarily. All of these factors contribute to the smaller size of these spare tires, which are smaller in size than regular ones.

How to effectively utilize the compact spare tire to enhance confidence on every journey?


1. Drive the car at a lower speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

For certain models of small spare tires that are equipped with distance and speed stickers, it is important to follow these guidelines in order to ensure safe driving:

●    Familiarize yourself with the instructions on the sticker: Check the sticker on the small spare tire and carefully read the instructions provided. This valuable information may include detail about the appropriate distance and speed for usage.

●    Adjust the speed accordingly: It is recommended to drive the car at a speed ranging approximately 50–80 kilometers per hour, as this is considered an appropriate speed range. However, it is important to note that this speed can be adjusted based on various factors such as road conditions, traffic laws, and the specific recommendations provided by the compact spare tire manufacturer.

●    Prioritize safety: Pay close attention to the instructions regarding inflation of the spare tire to ensure they are in optimal working condition. Following these guidelines will help ensure a safe driving experience.

2. Use it in emergencies only.

Small spare tires are specifically designed for emergencies or when regular car tires become damaged. These tires should not be used as permanent replacements for normal car tires, as they are purposes for short-term use. Therefore, it is highly recommended to promptly replace them with new tires for both safety reasons and to ensure optimal vehicle performance when traveling to the nearest car repair center.

3. Only one small spare tire should be installed in a single car.

To ensure safety during driving emergencies, it is highly recommended that the driver utilizes only one small spare tire and refrain from borrowing small spare tires from other vehicles.

Small spare tires are specifically designed in accordance with the standard set by ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization) and UN R64 standards. Consequently, there exists a wide range of sizes, each with its own load-carrying capacity specifications.

It is important to note that while certain small spare tires may be capable of supporting another vehicle, they may not be suitable for your car if it is larger or heavier. Inappropriate usage could result in damage to the spare tire and pose a significant safety risk while driving.

4. Regularly check the air pressure of their spare tire.

Drivers should pay close attention to and regularly maintain small spare tires, especially by checking the air pressure. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Small spare tires are often stored for long periods of time, up to 4-6 years, without being used. Due to this lack of use, many drivers forget to check and inflate their small spare tires. Over time, the air in the tire gradually leaks out. To prevent this loss of tire pressure. It is essential to regularly check the air pressure.
  • In the event of an emergency where a small spare tire is needed, failing to check the air pressure can result in flat tires and dangerous situations during usage. Therefore, it is important for drivers to be mindful of regularly checking the air pressure, even if the spare tire is not currently in use.
  • As for the question of how much air pressure to fill the spare tire with, the appropriate pressure is typically 60 PSI according to the ETRTO standards. However, we recommend checking the specific value indicated on the tire sidewall or the vehicle's manual, as the recommended pressure may vary depending on the car models.   

5. Regularly check the condition of the tires to ensure they are in good condition consistently.

In addition to considering the appropriate tire pressure, it is also important to check the following aspects to ensure that the tires are in suitable condition:

  • Examine the external condition of the tires for any signs of cuts, bulges, cracks, or embedded objects that may pose a risk during usage.
  • Assess the condition of the spare wheel rim and Tire Valve Caps to ensure they are in good condition without any damage.

These inspections are crucial for maintaining safety and the performance of the small spare tires. If any issues or unsuitable conditions are identified, it is highly recommended to replace them.


Why should you choose to replace tires with BRIDGESTONE? 


1. BRIDGESTONE is committed to pioneering cutting-edge tire manufacturing technologies, boasting a team of seasoned engineers who are dedicated to crafting top-of-the-line car tires that deliver exceptional performance. Our foremost priority is ensuring your safety while providing an unparalleled driving experience.

2. We place customer service as our top priority, adhering to international standards and demonstrating a genuine dedication to promoting social responsibility. Our unwavering commitment lies in preserving and improving the collective environment, guaranteeing its long-term sustainability and fostering happiness for all individuals involved.

3. "Solutions for your journey" is the new slogan of BRIDGESTONE, reflecting the organization's progress and success as a global leader in developing sustainable solutions that revolutionize the way we journey.

4. "BRIDGESTONE's E8 Pledge: Towards Being a Sustainable Solution Provider" is a commitment established by BRIDGESTONE to ensure the ongoing delivery of value to both society and customers until 2050. We are committed to co-creation with employees, communities, partners, and customers to cultivate long-term social awareness and understanding. Our unwavering vision to "Serving Society with Superior Quality" as a sustainable solution provider.

5. BRIDGESTONE has been awarded the number one popular brand in the automobile tire category in Thailand for a consecutive period of 12 years. This reflects the trust and confidence that consumers throughout the country have in our product quality. It further reaffirms our position as a recognized leader in the automotive tire market, as evaluated by Marketeer magazine.

Choose safety and elevate your driving experience for yourself. Feel reassured and confident when choosing to use BRIDGESTONE tires.

All of these factors are crucial and should not be disregarded if you wish to avoid potential hazards while driving. Remember to regularly inspect the condition, ensure proper inflation of tire pressure, and keep small spare tires in your.  vehicle for both safety and to enhance your overall driving experience on every trip. For further information on tire-changing methods you can explore additional resources available here.

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