Driving License Project (Personal car driving license)

Bridgestone, in partnership with the Department of Land Transport, has developed a "Training Program for New Driving License Applicants ". This program is designed for individuals who currently drive but do not yet possess a driving license. The training sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays and there are no training fees involved. However, if participants successfully complete the training and examination and obtain a driving license, they will be required to pay the driving license fee. The primary goal of this program is to cultivate a new generation of high-quality, and responsible drivers who prioritize road safety and consideration towards others. By instilling these values, the program aims to reduce road accidents resulting from the collective use of road. The training spans 2 days, and covers both theoretical and practical sections. Participants will learn about proper driving etiquette, safe driving techniques for various scenarios, and basic knowledge about car tires. Additionally, participants must also pass an electronic written examination (E-exam) to successfully complete the program.